Forest Ladies in Women’s Football first

Nottingham Forest Ladies are set to become the first women’s football club in the UK to introduce a revolutionary technology that improves performance and prevents injuries.

The Reds have signed an exclusive deal with ground-breaking sports technology company SportScientia, who have designed and engineered a smart insole that uses advanced force sensors to measure and monitor player weight distribution, gait and load.

It’s a huge breakthrough in the sports wearable technology field, and it’s one that Forest Ladies’ boss, Graham Abercrombie, is keen to embrace.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to spend on sports wearable technology, so this deal is huge for us,” said Graham.

“The technology allows the club to always monitor a player’s entire biomechanical dynamics, whether that be in a warm-up, warm down, training or match scenario. It generates real-time data on a mobile app so we can build programmes to improve athletic performance and avoid potential injury.

“We can’t wait to get started, and hopefully this partnership can help give us an edge next season, and be another building block towards a concerted promotion push.”

The deal sees SportScientia provide 22 pairs of insoles to the club in time for 2018-19 pre season training. If the technology can prevent one of Forest’s star players suffering an injury that hampers her and the team’s season, then the club will immediately reap the benefits.

“Injury predication and prevention has a significant impact in today’s game. We’re heavily involved with a number of senior professional clubs across Europe, but we’re very keen to also ensure that we’re expanding into women’s football,” said SportScientia co-founder and CEO, Dan Vale.

“Forest is a great club and Graham is very highly regarded; he’s a forward-thinking coach who wants to embrace new technologies and help his players find that extra competitive edge. This was key when it came to a partnership agreement.”

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