Disruptors in injury
Prediction and prevention

Key features

The 3P smart insole design delivers detailed insights into player loading, providing greater accuracy and reliability in training, match day and during rehabilitation.

  • Measures player loading at ground foot level
  • Captures data offline or real-time
  • Learns a players unique performance blueprint
  • Instant real-time data
  • Syncs data wirelessly to the 3P cloud platform
  • Data accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop

Designed for players and athletes

Designed for coaches, physios and Medical Teams

Designed for scouts and agents

3P Smart Insole


3P captures data at high sample rates which is used to generate real-time measurement of the loading force that a player exerts on each area of the foot in any given situation on the playing field or during rehabilitation at ground foot level. The load distribution under both feet during the dynamics of play generated will inform about normal and abnormal loading patterns between legs, particularly during demanding movements like rapid decelerations and turning.

    • Electronic control module
    • Rechargeable LiPo battery
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Wireless charging
    • Integrated multi-layer smart insole
    • 6˚ of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit
    • Force sensors
    • Accelerometer
    • Gyroscope

Cloud Infrastructure


SportScientia is a top 50 global sports innovation company that introduces its 3P instrumented smart insole which is set to revolutionise the way we measure player loading, predict and prevent injury.

Our 3P instrumented insoles deliver the most accurate and reliable data in collecting and measuring player loading in training, match day and rehabilitation for each player. 3P allows coaches, medical teams and physios to manage squad training loads from rehabilitation, pre-season right through the entire season, to provide a better understanding of what player loads are happening and what potentially is associated with injury or when a player is at risk of injury, thus effectively managing player conditioning levels. By accurately capturing vast amounts of data, we will be able to analyse patterns that over time will enable us to predict and prevent injuries from grassroots all the way up to elite professional level – a remarkable breakthrough in this space.

Our vision at SportScientia is to take the world of insoles into a new era. To be the leading sports performance innovator for measuring and monitoring a player/athletes health and loading during training, match and rehabilitation using data science derived from our intelligent instrumented insoles.


Founding Partners

Dan Vale

Dan Vale

Founding Partner
Peter Lazou

Peter Lazou

Founding Partner
Innovation | Design

A UEFA B licence football coach, and a creative future venture builder and serial entrepreneur, founding partners Daniel and Peter are brimming with the passion, drive, and knowledge needed to ensure that their revolutionary technology becomes a real sporting game-changer. Behind the founding partners is an influential advisory panel consisting of exceptionally brilliant and industry renowned experts, carefully handpicked to support and guide us in building SportScientia as a global company and brand

3P Smart Insole
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